Welcome to Dandelion Hill!

We’re a whole wide website dedicated to compiling and disseminating information about the body of work of RPGMaker developer Parun. This site was originally conceived as a character shrine for Re:Kinder in specific, but has since ballooned in scope as we’ve taken notice of the serious shortage of information on related titles. Our goal is now just as much to remediate that as it is to express our love for the games – though this is by no means intended to be an exhaustive resource or anything in the vein of a Wiki. Think of it more like an “educational shrine!”

This site is currently being contributed to by two (count em TWO!!) webmasters. Coda (that’s me!) is currently responsible for the majority of the writing and graphics and Chimera is in charge of pretty much everything else, including the amazing layout and code! (Thank you ♡) You can check out our other work and links here if you feel so inclined. We hope you’ll enjoy your time here! Thanks for dropping by o(^O^)/~

Chimera's note: This site is permanently under construction, and prone to being tinkered with! If you have any information you'd like to provide for us, or just have something to say, feel free to leave us an email at dandelionhill@coolsite.net . I will set up a guestbook, eventually... (It's almost 4 am...)