Parun was a fairly well-known RPGMaker horror game developer and the webmaster of Horafuki Yokochou. He is most well-known for his final game release, Re:Kinder. He loved fairy tales and children's literature, as well as going to Disneyland. His room could be seen littered with toys and drawings, and it was clear he had a vested interest in fantasy. Despite this exterior though, having grown up without a mother, Parun was absolutely no stranger to the feelings of loneliness and depression. As early as the release of Kinder, and even stronger into it's remake, Parun channeled these feelings into his works. The dichotomy between his distinctive, cartoon-like art style and serious story tones is a common theme of much of his library.

Parun's room circa 2012, adorned with toys and bright colors. Some familiar faces. Traditional drawings of Handa and Yuuichi. The previous drawings, including some extras. The bottom right was used as a "top" image for his site.

Parun's earliest known work was ANGEL SWEET, released in 2002, and his final game, Re:Kinder, was released in 2010. In the interim, he created and released a wide variety of titles, many of which are scarcely documented in English, if they are documented at all. Several have spent significant periods of time as lost media, with their only remaining traces being obscure Nicovideo uploads of playthroughs. Though, this could also be attributed due to Parun's tendency to repeatedly delete any pages that he felt unsatisfied with at the time.

Parun (left) and
his father (right).

Parun passed away in September of 2011, at the age of 25. The blog post in which this information was released can be found here. Parun left without leaving a note, so we'll never know the true cause behind his death, but it was most likely a number of contributing factors. On top of his lifelong battle with depression: He couldn't find a job, was often home alone and struggled with loneliness, and despite channeling all of these feelings openly into his works, they were often harshly criticized on anonymous message boards at the time.

This is one of the few well-documented facts about Parun on the English speaking web. Personally, we feel that the focus should be shifted from his "shocking" cause of death towards the games that he created, and the strong feelings and thoughts that he expressed within them. In the words of his friend Sasuke Kannazuki, "Even if the author is dead, their masterpiece is living yet." Parun poured all of his depressive thoughts into Re:Kinder at the tail end of his life, but he didn't get to see the "boom" of popularity it would eventually obtain. It's up to us as fans of his work to make sure that he is remembered fondly through what he's left behind.

Our deepest thanks go to Mr. Sasuke Kannazuki for carrying on his friend's legacy and continuing to keep him in the minds and hearts of others. I'd also like to thank him for his personal assistance with the content of this page. All photos and information from his blog have been posted here with his stated permission.


This site is our way of expressing heartfelt thanks for the works that Parun left with us – and of making them more accessible to others on the English speaking web, where information about his games can be extremely hard to come by. Out of respect for his agency and privacy, we will not be providing downloads to games that were purposefully made inaccessible. We will also not be referencing his blogs or other personal materials outside of this page.